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Is Your Product Visually Attractive?

How to Improve Visual Attractiveness of Your Product?

Benchmark Your Product Against Your Competitors.

Our IA identifies visual attractive regions of your product

Our Solutions


Looking is buying, you have 3 seconds to win consumers attention. Catching consumers visual attention is crucial for your business. Glancy 3D measures visual attractiveness of your product and show you areas with high/low visual attractiveness.

With Glancy 3D visual attractiveness score you can quickly compare, rank and choose the product design that will grab customers visual attention and lead to higher sales.


Discover the element who catch your cutomer visual attention and find out how to improve them.

Being aware of the main drivers your product visual attractiveness, we unlock full potential design enhancement.

Reduce time to market

Glancy 3D reduces your time to market buy quickly giving you visual elements to enhance your design.

We rapidly deliver valuable insights about products visual attractiveness.

Glancy 3D assists you in your journey of designing the most attractive visual product before engaging any marketing of production investments.


Compare your product visual attractiveness against your competitors and get an objective ranking of your product.

Find out who is outperforming you in attracting customers visual attention and how to turn this trend around.

Full reports analysis

All the analyses are agregated into one report along with the original product design.

For clients with advanced and premium pricing plans, we provide login to our dedicated customer area where they can visualize in 3D all the analyses results.

Pricing Plan


Full Analysis of

1Product Design
  • 1 Visual Attractiveness Scores
  • 3 Visual Attractiveness Maps


Full Analysis of

4Products Design
  • 4 Visual Attractiveness Scores
  • 12 Visual Attractiveness Maps
  • 2 Benchmarks
  • Customer Area with 3D Viewer

Our technology

Glancy 3D is the first artificial intelligence that predicts how consumers are going to perceive your product.

Given a 3D Model, our technology takes into account the human visual system to compute visual attractiveness score. In other words we compute the ability of your product design to naturaly stimulate human visual system.

The visual attractiveness score we provide is highly correlated with human perception and achieves between 90% and 95% when compared to human studies.
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