Is your packaging Attractive ?

Competition has evolved. Companies are no more competing on price, volume and quality mainly on consumer’s attention.

According to many market research firms, we are exposed to 5000-10000 ads per day, therefore it becomes very challenging to win consumer’s attention. In fast consuming
moving goods industry this challenge is even more complex. The consumer’s attention
is fragmented but also the products on shelfs are more and more abundant, leaving
brands with limited options to stand out from crowded shelves.
Packaging is a very powerfull marketing tool that can differentiate brands, drive sales
and in some cases rise to the level of a competitive advantage
Packaging has an important influence in consumer’s buying intenstion , according to
LSA , 53% of French consumers are influenced by packaging .
In modern marketing, packaging should be considered as a visual stimuli made from a
combination of shapes, designs, colors and texts, each attribute of which has to be
analyzed, tested and improved before going to the market.
What is a visual stimuli ?
A stimuli can represents the event allowing to detect a reaction to an
excitation in living beings.
In the vision field, all objects (or beings) surrounding living beings
can be considered as visual stimuli. The human visual system is
sensitive to the different visual stimuli as it contains several
characteristics playing the role of sensors. These characteristics are
similar from a living being to another. Indeed, experimentations
exploring the relationships between visual stimuli and human
perception release statistically valid perception rules for the whole population.

Moreover, there are many findings from neuroscience fields regarding the impact of
attractive vs unattractive packages on human brain activity. Different brain regions
are activated when observer’s are exposed to attractive and unattractive packagings.

Attractive packages activate brain regions responsible expected rewards and decision making.
Attractive packages stands like rewarding stumili for consumer’s and therefore gain more
How to assess visual attractiveness of packagings ?
The most common way for analyzing the visual attractiveness of packagings lies in the
use of focus groups which tend to be subjective since it relies only on users answers.
This approach is also time consuming and fastidious since the experimentation has to
be repeated for an important number of observers. Fast pace markets like retail
requires fast paced solution , this is why we created Glancy 3D.
Glancy 3D is the first artificial intelligence driven technology for packaging design
assessment and optimization. We have relied on decades of RnD on the functioning of
the human visual system, our AI quantify the ability of packaging to capture
consumer’s attention.
We work with brands in three phases : analyse, enhance , benchmark.
– Analyse : We compute visual attractiveness score, this metric is very important
to compare, rank and choose between different packaging designs. This score is
associated with 3D Heat maps with high/low visual attractive areas within the
packaging design.
– Enhance : We provide strong recommendations based on deep analysis of
packaging design to boost visual attractiveness
– Benchmark : We analyse your competitor’s packagings, we identify which one is
outperforming you in attracting consumer’s attention and how to turn this trend

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